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When God Speaks, Is Anybody Listening?

posted Nov 9, 2014, 7:18 AM by Website Administrator   [ updated Nov 9, 2014, 7:19 AM ]
November 9, 2014
Key Passage: Psalm 139

“When God Speaks, Is Anybody Listening?”

“Somebody, anybody, God help, help me please.  I want to be accepted … I’m so tired of crying and dreaming.  I’m so, so alone.” Kurt Cobain – Nirvana – journal entry days before his suicide in 1994

Honestly, I never much cared for or about Nirvana; however, I’ve always been drawn to the above journal entry from the guy who went from having nothing to having everything the world has to offer in 3 short years.  Pretty much sums up the sad fact that the world promises everything and delivers absolutely nothing in the end.  Any coincidence that the prince of the world, Satan, is called the “father of lies?”
As such, it should be no surprise that never before have more cried out against God while pleading to Him in a desperation that supports the highest suicide rates in history.  The irony is that God DOES speak to us, constantly, through creation, the Word, those around us, and our own inner spirits.  If you’re struggling with your faith today, the question isn’t “Does God speak?”  It’s “Is anybody listening?”

Truth # 1 – I can’t escape God’s knowledge of me (139:1-6) Omniscient (all-knowing)

Christianity is NOT following a set of rules or going through a bunch of goofy religious rituals.  At its heart, it’s the incredible fact that God – out of sheer grace – chose to enter our world of darkness through Jesus – and chose to do for us what we couldn’t do for ourselves.

Truth # 2 – I can’t escape God’s presence (139:7-12) Omnipresent (present everywhere)

If we believe God’s with us at all times, it brings comfort, dispels fear, gives us supernatural power and confidence, and holds us accountable.  Frankly, most Christians act like they believe God’s only with them on Sunday – which gives them license to behave like idiots Monday – Saturday.

Truth # 3 - I can’t escape God’s power and sovereignty (139:13-18) Omnipotence (all powerful)

God has fashioned and has a purpose in this fallen world even for those whose bodies or minds are not perfectly formed.  That God creates and ordains the days of our lives gives significance and value to each life.  “I am fearfully and wonderfully made” is a clear reflection of the love our Creator has for us.

Truth # 4 – Therefore, we should commit ourselves to obedience (139:19-24)

The worlds’ religions operate on the principle of “if I obey, I’m accepted by God.”  Just the opposite, the Gospel says we’re accepted by God because of Jesus – therefore I obey because I love Him.

God speaks to us when we’re: 

* lonely  (Hebrews 13:5)                 * guilty or ashamed (Romans 8:1)
* worried  (Matthew 6:31)                    * in need         (Philippians 4:19)
* weak  (2 Corinthians 12:9)         * failing                (Philippians 1:6)

Q:  How can a person develop a sense of God’s unshakable presence?
Q:  How can we commit ourselves to obeying Jesus out of love, and based on the fact that He’s omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, and speaks directly to us?

Bottom Line: One of the greatest truths in life is that there is NO escape from God.  Like fugitives, we may run, but we cannot ultimately hide from the God who penetrates even the darkness with the gaze of His light.  Folks, we don’t need to “find” God…we need to receive Him.  We don’t find God by running faster or working harder.  We find God by stopping and inviting the Creator of the universe – our Creator – to take control of and speak into our lives.  God is in control, He loves us, He cares, and He speaks.