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Staring Absolute Truth in the Face

posted Dec 8, 2013, 7:24 AM by Website Administrator   [ updated Jan 8, 2014, 12:13 PM ]
December 8, 2013
Key Passage: John 18:28-19:16

“Staring Absolute Truth in the Face"

Many of life’s most difficult decisions can be traced back to choosing the difficult right over the easy wrong. Consider the fact that when Pilate stood before Jesus and asked “what is truth?” he was standing closer to the truth than he had ever before and closer than he would ever be again. Then consider the fact that, even with Absolute Truth staring him in the face, he chose the easy wrong over the difficult right. As Christians, let’s not kid ourselves … we face the same kind of decision(s) on a daily basis. We essentially hand Jesus over to be crucified all over again when we choose to accept the world’s lie of relative truth. Let me be the first to admit that in light of the massive societal change that’s taken place just in the last ten years, it’s harder than ever to embrace the Absolute Truth that is Jesus Christ; however, never forget that the world’s kingdom of relative truth is based on the premise that society must be changed in order to change people, while in the Kingdom of Jesus’ Absolute Truth it is people who must change in order to change society. Just like Pilate, Truth stands in front of us every day … and just like Pilate we have to answer the question: “what will you do with Jesus?”

John 18:28-19:16 The answer to Pilate’s question, “what is truth?”

 Relative Truth (Secular World View) 
  • Reject "absolute truth" 
  • Man makes his own destiny 
  • World needs more education to solve problems 
  • Reject creationism; believe in evolution
  • Right, wrong determined by societal consensus 
  • Many paths lead to heaven, including good works 
 Absolute Truth (Biblical World View) 
  • Embrace "absolute truth"
  • God determines man's destiny  
  • Only Christ can solve man's problems
  • God created the world
  • Bible is inerrant; God's laws unwavering
  • Only Jesus saves; He is the only Way 

Regarding today’s passage, two quick takeaways we have to come to grips with …

1. As cowardly as Pilate was, he’s more like us than we care to admit. Think about how quickly we change:
  • God’s definition of holiness to align with our choices for entertainment 
  • God’s definition of truth to suit our situation 
  • God’s definition of forgiveness to adjust to our level of hurt 
  • God’s definition of Christ’s Lordship to allow us to do “our own thing” 
  • God’s definition of commitment to justify our unfaithfulness to each other 
2. When we admit the depth of our own sin, we more fully appreciate the incredible gift that is Jesus
  • It’s impossible to truly appreciate the cross without acknowledging what it cost Jesus 
  • Acknowledgment comes by submitting to Christ, humbling ourselves, and obeying him 
  • As Christians, we have no choice but to surrender to and embrace Absolute Truth 
Q: How can we embrace Absolute Truth without becoming proud, judgmental, or overbearing?
Q: In what areas of your life to you stare Jesus in the face and then turn him over to be crucified?

Bottom Line: Pilate asked the mob a final question: “what will you have me to with Jesus?” It’s the same question as Christians that demand a daily answer from us. Will we deny him (Peter), reject him (Pilate), and/or crucify him (the mob)? Let me suggest that a great start is to resist the world’s demand for relative truth. Embracing (not simply acknowledging) Christ requires us to live our lives based on the fact that Absolute Truth comes in the person of Jesus Christ … and if we’re to love him, we simply have to obey him.