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The Way to Prosperity

posted Nov 8, 2009, 9:14 PM by Website Administrator   [ updated Nov 8, 2009, 9:30 PM ]
Psalm 1
October 8, 2009

The Way to

Prosperity is too often confused as a synonym for possession. Biblical prosperity is a spiritual state of mind and conscience. To be blessed is to adhere to the directing of an all knowing Father. It is the discipline of obedience to the 'common-sense' reality of God's direction and it explodes when servant hood expands ones common-sense. The resulting blessing is a clear state of mind that generates a peace in being in tune with the wiJl of God.

1.    Walk, Stand and Sit - life is full of land mines so be careful where you step.
    • Proverbs 12:15, 14:12, 16:17, 19:2
    • Where do you seek counsel? Proverbs 15:22, 8:14
    • What do you stand on/for? Ephesians 6:10-15, Galatians 5:1, Luke 21:19, 1 Peter .5:8-9
    • Are you a 'mocker' always looking at others but never reviewing yourself?
2.    Law Loving - The guard rails of life are set in His Word. This provides the best position to traverse the course of life to the glory of His name.  Delight is to be filled with desire because He has proven himself faithful, to be fulfilled by the full-feeling of His Spirit filling. To meditate is a focus on His Word as the plumb-line for all life's decisions.
  • Psalms 48:9, 77:12, 119:15, 23, 27, 48, 78, 97, 99, 148
3.    Prospered Planting - Roots only deepen if they are sustained by nutrients of life. The Spirit of God is our nutrition for strong roots (John 7:38-39).  Prosperity is to bear fruit - note fruit is never for the tree but rather for those who need/enjoy the tree. Fruit is a seasonal harvest, prepared for throughout the year. The preparation is most of the process; the fruit is simply a by-product. Prosperity is to stay consistent even during the winter so that 'your leaves don't wither' even when there's no fruit.
So many of us use God as a life-boat or life-preserver cast to us as we drown in the toppling sea of life, AND HE IS THE GREAT DELIVERER.  But to those who truly prosper, God is the SHIP (cruise-liner) upon which we stand. He keeps me out of the water and sustains me above the waves (while occasionally I get in the pool).  He cuts the path through life for me; I just make sure I stay on the Ship called Jesus. Are you on-board or overboard? If not, climb on quickly! He's waiting!