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The Blueprint of Temptation

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July 22, 2012
Key Passage: 2 Samuel 11:1-27

“The Blueprint of Temptation”

A pretty interesting exchange took place at Youth Camp several years ago. Wade split the group in two – guys and girls – and allowed each side to either make a statement or ask a question of the opposite sex. As I share that exchange, keep this in mind … in general, “girls give sex in order to get love … and guys give love in order to get sex.” One girl looked at the guys and said, “I just wish you wanted us for something more than our bodies.” A guy stood up and said, “If you’d stop dressing like sluts, we probably would.” That may sound like a testy exchange, but it actually opened up a discussion that dovetails perfectly into today’s lesson. We live in a society where sexual lusts are barreling down the interstate at speeds never thought possible … we’ve got guys with porn problems and addictions, and girls dressing provocatively to get their attention. Anybody see a problem with combining those two? That said, the subject of temptation certainly isn’t limited to lust. As we study the blueprint of temptation, keep in mind that it takes many forms. One thing’s for sure – moral failure is not a blowout – it’s a slow leak. David may have been a man after God’s own heart, but it’s pretty obvious in today’s story that he was perfectly capable of being a man after something else altogether … and so are we! 

* 2 Samuel 11:1-27 Let’s follow James 1:14-15 to track David’s (and our) fall into temptation:
14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

  • Enticed by his own lust – “He saw” (11:2) 
    • There is a difference between temptation and sin
    • Men are aroused primarily by sight (Gestalt Theory)
    • The solution to lust (or any temptation) is not to fight but flee (take away the desire)
  • Lust has conceived – “He sent and inquired” (11:3)
    • This is where memorizing God’s Word becomes a deal-breaker
    • As well, good luck with any temptation if you have no friend to hold you accountable
  • Lust gives birth to sin – “He sent, he took, he slept with Bathsheba) (11:4)
    • “I deserve to be happy” (note: you won’t be happy for long in sin)
    • “It will only be this once” (note: or, until the next time)
    • “No one will know” (except for God, you, and soon enough, others)
    • “I’m not hurting anyone” (this may be the most ridiculous excuse of all)
  • Sin eventually guarantees death – let’s count the ways this cost David:
    • He not only murdered Uriah, but many other families lost their Dads that day
    • An unwanted pregnancy
    • A dead baby
    • His daughter raped by his son
    • One son who murdered another
    • A civil war led by one of his sons
    • Finally, a son who, though the wisest ever, allowed his own lack of self-control to lead Israel away from God
Q: Is it completely out of touch with reality to say that women should dress modestly and men should guard what they look at? What would you say if someone called you a prude or said everyone’s doing it?
Q: What, practically, can girls do to help guys with this issue … and vice-versa? 

Bottom Line: The mighty Niagara River plummets some 180 feet at the American and Horseshoe Falls. Before the falls, there are violent, turbulent rapids. Farther upstream, however, where the river’s current flows more gently, boats are able to navigate. Just above this area is a pedestrian walkway that spans the rivers. Posted on the bridge’s huge pylons is a warning for all boaters: “Do you have an anchor?” followed by, “Do you know how to use it?” A great preacher once said that all trials and temptations serve two purposes: to acquaint us with our own sinful hearts, and to acquaint us with our Lord and Savior. Glorify Jesus by handling trials with joy and temptations with self-control.