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The Lord is My:??

2 Samuel 22: 1-3
November 30, 2008
The Lord is My:??

What is the Lord to you?  Is He an abstract concept in maybe never land or is He a reality of existence and sustenance?  When you think of the Lord are you happy or sad, comforted or uncomfortable?  When you speak of Him is it free form or stand-offish?  Do you know He’s there or do you wonder where He is?  Here David praises the Lord for who He is to him.  Who’s the Lord to you?

  • Rock – A rock is solid, never changing. It is firm for a steadfast foundation. To David it meant more, for the rock too is a sustain stone. 1 Samuel 18: 48-51
  • Fortress – A place of protection, although the enemy may know where I am they also know they can not get at me.
  • Deliverer – A person who gets you out of a bad situation. He defends you, allies with you, and removes you from harms way. Also a person who comes through in a bind, or keeps their word. Finally, a person who brings something to you.
  • Shield – A means of defense that protects me so I can get on offense. It’s used in the midst of battle as a means to deflect projectiles of the enemy. The shield is only as good as its user (of no benefit if used haphazardly or without training). Also could be an identity badge.
  • Horn of Salvation – Sound of attack and the call of victory. It lets me know I have won!
  • Stronghold - A position of power where you have grip of strength and strength has grip on you. Fortified and easily defensable. A place of concentrated opinion, belief or commonality.
  • Refuge – A place of hiding where my needs are met while I recover or gain strength to fight. A safe haven shelter
  • Savior – A person who saves your life. He removes you from the clutches of death and sustains your life. “I was dead but because of the Savior, I now live.”