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Rise over Run; the Slope of Your Journey

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James 1
July 26, 2009

Rise over Run;
The Slope of Your Journey

Are you walking, running, or sitting on your Christian journey? The answer is told by the graph of your journey and the slope tells the true story. Slope is Rise/Run where Run is time and Rise is fruits (internal & external). Like historic road markers, these fruits are identified by 'spiritual markers' along our path. Established as a servant of God and Jesus Christ, James comes out of the shoot giving 'markers' of a life of Christian service. Step one was acceptance of servant hood; identifying the Master and committing to obey. How are you serving your Master? From there, time should show your Spiritual Rise (or Fall).
  1. Reward of Wisdom by Challenge (2-8, 12)
  2. Remain in Humble Pride (9-11)
  3. Responsibility for Evil Desires (13-15)
  4. Recognition of God's Giving (16-18)
  5. Refinement of the Planted Word (19-21)
  6. Respond with Action (22-25)
  7. Religion of Helping Others & Fortification Focus (26-27)