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Now Listen: Impact via Possessions, Patience and Prayers

James 5
August 30, 2009
Now Listen: Impact via Possessions Patience and Prayers
James is all about personal IMPACT.  His book centers on doing active works of faith in obedience & submission to the Lord.  At the conclusion of Chapter 4 he drops a heavy spiritual bomb; 'if you don't do the good you know you should do, you sin'.  He's speaking of the inaction of omission in NOT actively serving our Savior.  Then he kicks off his concluding Chapter 5 with a shout, "NOW LISTEN".  He's going to drive home our actions of physical, mental and spiritual impact through management of our possessions, patience & prayer, respectively.  The outcome goal of his directions are to achieve ultimate impact as directed in 5:19-20; 'to bring/turn back sinners so they may be saved and sin may be covered'.  This IMPACT should be our striving for a Life Achievement Award in heaven for all eternity! (Mt.25:23)

1.       Possessions (Physical) 1-6

a.       'Rich' - anyone that has or could/should have excess to give, help, support. (1Chron. 29:11-12)

b.      'Hoard' - greed of tight hands.

c.       'Fail to pay' - cheat those we owe, including the "harvesters" by holding back our tithe.

d.      'Fattened' - self-indulgent lives of leisure luxury, self-centered selfishness.

e.      IMPACT:  Money actions of commission with negative influence or omission of what could have been positive applications (Mt. 6:20) yields the horror of verse 6.


2.       Patience (Mental) 7-11

a.       'Wait' - trusting God's provision (rain) on your efforts (planting) to 'yield valuable crops'.

b.      'Stand Firm' - keep planted on God's word & promises, don't get pushed around spiritually.

c.       'Don't grumble" - attitude despite circumstance is how you are judged.

d.      IMPACT:  Blessing of perseverance (James 1:2-4) in seeing the fullness of His "compassion and mercy" makes an eternal impression on the world.


3.       Prayer (Spiritual) 13-16

a.       Pray & Praise - 24/7, regardless!! (1 Thess. 5:16-18)

b.      Pray with application - oil is soothing medicine recognizing the True Physician.

c.       'Offered in Faith' - submission to the Master Plan (James 4:15-16)

d.      "Well' - "raised up" and "forgiven" is a spiritual application representing the greatest healing known to man, inside out.  If our faith is in Jesus then our victory is in heaven and thus death ain't so bad!  While I love life on earth as a gift from God, I'm not going to pray a losing prayer!  I want to stay here as long as God needs me, but I can't wait until He calls me home to live with the Saints in glory.  No offense but why would I wish for anyone I love to forgo heaven for the burden of a little more time in this fallen, broken world (wow, what a selfish prayer).  (Live Philippians 1:21)

e.      'Confess to & Pray for each other' - commandment for spiritual healing.

f.        IMPACT:  Prayer (dialogue with God) by one filled with His Spirit ("righteousness") will generate power and effect on other's lives as Christ gets credit for all good achieved.