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Joseph, Did You Know?

December 21, 2008
Key Passage: Matthew 1: 18-25

Joseph, Did You Know?

Whose were the first hands to touch the face of God? Who wrapped the babe in ‘swaddling clothes and laid him in the manger’? Who held to the pledge of this unwed mother? Who guided the journey and found the stable? Who hushed the surrounding animals and greeted the Shepherds? Who first kissed the face of Jesus and called him Jesus - Immanuel? Joseph, the adoptive father, a ‘righteous man’.
  • Key – God’s choice of Mary had much to do with her connection to Joseph. Mary’s polish was Joseph’s pledge. He was the righteous descendant of David and named after his great uncle, Joseph. He had a direct connection to the stories of the Old Testament and had to know the worthiness of his heritage.
  • Kind – Although Mary’s condition meant certain public scrutiny; Joseph choose to share the burden not place it. What a gift of devoted love. Not what I planned, but rather how I played with what I was presented.
  • Considerate – Joseph had a gracious idea of a quiet divorce. Sort of an easy in silent escape & release. But not acting in haste on a good idea; he rather paused in prayer to seek God’s agenda.
  • Nervous – Joseph was not afraid of the angel, nor his words (Mary was, Luke 1:26-38). As a righteous man he may have experienced this divine interaction before. Joseph was however afraid to take Mary as his wife. Can you imagine the ridicule, rumor & rejection? Joseph was afraid; but open, willing & most of all obedient to what God needed and wanted of him!
  • Active – “He did” what God wanted him to without hesitation. He needed to have this commitment for his future reaction to God’s direction would be critical (see Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23). He needed to wake up, get up & act!
  • Wise – In Matthew 13:53-55, it is asked where Jesus got his wisdom; “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son?” It was not his job occupation but his spirit occupation that granted Joseph the wisdom to train up this child of God.

Where do you stand at this special time of year? Is your mindset and character in the order of Joseph? Are you a used key in the plans of God, kind in the encounter with others, considerate in the conclusions of your actions; in your nervousness are you open, active to what the newborn King wants; and are you wise to the grace, mercy & peace of Jesus? Find these gifts and it will be the Merriest of Christmas’s ever!

His gifts (these gifts) are meant for you! Open them!

Merry Christmas!