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God's Mighty Hands

October 26, 2008
Outline of lesson from 1 Sam 24-31
God's Mighty Hands

“He’s got the whole world in His hands!”  We sang it as kids, but do we believe, trust & rely on it as adults.  The past few weeks I feel like I saw the world & my report is Jesus is all over it; battling for the souls of men!  David certainly trusted the hand of God as he sought after “God’s own heart”.


·        Patience in God’s Timing (Chpt. 24 & 26) – Twice David could easily have taken the life of his enemy Saul; instead he trusted the Lord to avenge (24:12-13).  David understood that what God started, He too could finish.  Against the temptation & justification of his men, David stood firm on the conviction that the Lord has ultimate control on timing (26:8-11).  Now do you trust the timing of God’s hand in the plan of your life? Philippians 1:6

·        Presence of God’s Directing (28:5-7 vs. 30:7-8) – Gods guidance directs the steps of those whose heart beats with the rhythm of His own.  If you are seeking the direction of any other than the Lord’s, your path is doomed.  David listened & followed the Lord, and his path yielded reward & success (30:17-20).

·        Probability of God’s Working = 100% (28:18, 31: 2-6, Chpt. 15) – Saul did not obey God.  Saul was all about Saul, his power went to his head; but his power was minute in the realm of the Almighty Father.  When disobedience sustains and arrogance raines, God disdains. (also 25:36-39) 

·        Position of God’s Plan - While God is in control and He is never caught off guard; our actions, words, mentalities matter.  Saul messed up and grieved God (1Sam 15:10-11, 35)!  God soured on the name of Saul.  Do not agitate the one who created you; or you may find yourself wondering outside His plan.  If you do, be mindful that Satan is a lousy teammate!  He wants you to lose. 

·        Possibility God Uses You (Chpt. 25) – The story of Abigail is a lesson in obedient impact.  She altered history by allowing His direction and by calling on His name in accordance with His will (23-31).  David recognized her ‘good judgment’ which kept him ‘from doing wrong’ (32-35, 39).  Praise the Lord that God uses our open, willing hearts to impact performance of His plan.  Pray that God uses you in mighty ways!