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Free to be Fruity

posted Sep 15, 2009, 7:37 AM by Website Administrator   [ updated Sep 15, 2009, 7:44 AM ]
Galatians 5
July 5, 2009

Free to be Fruity

FREEDOM is the word for today. God wants us to act in freedom, to 'choose this day whom you will serve'. He does not want us to be burdened by rules, rituals & regulations; but rather to 'express our faith in love'. Freedom can be a dangerous position, it allows the roaming of self- decision for good or bad. Yet freedom is the only place where true love can blossom. God doesn't want you to love out of obligation, he wants to change your heart's view to love out of a grace filled compassion for forgiveness and service. The changes in your heart are the Fruits of the Spirit. If we live by the Spirit our fruits will grow and show! A Christian MUST bear good fruits!

Natural Choice = Sinful or Spirit-Full

Sinful = natural state of being full of self (me-ism); either undisciplined or discipline found only through Legalism.
Undisciplined (lacking self discipline yielding random chaos) - Rationalization of micro stupidity when the macro is obvious (cold conscience, 'hot air balloon test'). Allows for fulfillment of short term passions/desires without consequential thinking. Yields a heavy result with negative ramifications (like second hand smoke). It is a 'Just Do It' mentality, but 'don't get caught'. A mindset of hiding. Light destroys this dark mentality (admittance, repentance; 'caught test'). This dead end road leads to a jagged cliff falling into a pit of doom & despair. Only Christ can correct!
Legalism - Creating a balance beam of restriction then isolating to that focus without regard to God's broader creation and purpose. I can earn righteousness if I only do ________. It's an obligation that God forces upon me. Often times it yields depression & rebellion (negative generational impact).
Full of the Spirit - supernatural state of seeing others in love, sensing a desire to serve and help, to make a difference for God's creation. The Spirit fertilizes our righteous fruits. Disciplined by the Balance of Grace.
Balance of Grace ('No longer you who lives, but Christ who lives in/through you.') - Heart deep desire to please the Father where I pursue a balanced life within the guardrails of God's logic. I can smell the roses; but I must be willing to (a) plant & cultivate them first and (b) then I must beware the thorns. I see the positive but am attuned to the negative with a clear understanding of consequential living. Pursuing a long-term vision with a lite-load as a light bearer, shining the face of Jesus. Desiring clean hands to help and a clean heart to heal. This process ("keeping in step") yields fruits; a changed mentality (internal) AND a disposition of seed-planting (external). You can never get to the external until you first cultivate the internal!
Seed Planting - (1) Most vegetation grows by a natural process of pollen/seed overflow. (2) The most useful vegetation is planted & cultivated with intentional effort. So it is with Jesus, IT TAKES BOTH TYPES OF PLANTING!
Fruits of the Spirit - Love not Hate (anger, bitter, unforgiving); Joy not Depression (sadness, unfulfilled, lacking hope); Peace not Embattled (pick your battles, admit wrong, take responsibility); Patience not Anxious (hurried, rushed, now, can't wait); Kindness not Mean (response of Fruit #1, bring others down, overbearing self); Goodness not Badness (willing to do the wrong thing, unconscionable); Faithfulness not Weakness (wishy-washy, waffling, unclear, guessing); Gentleness not Harshness (toughness, bruising, hurtful); Self-Control not Reactive (blow a gasket, lacking thought).

In Step with the Spirit is to understand His constant presence and to let Him guide your path. The impact of the Fruits; seed, sight, smell, savor (taste), and to share. These benefits keep us focused on His Steps!