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Appointment for Appointing

posted Sep 15, 2009, 7:48 AM by Website Administrator   [ updated Jan 9, 2014, 5:14 PM ]
Galatians 1-2:10 (NLT)
June 7, 2009

Appointment for Appointing


We find our groove when we appreciate our appointing, a sensational sense of being sent with a purpose.  Our confidence and disposition should be elevated by the fact that God sent us!  But so many times we lose focus on that fact, we wallow in wondering & wandering.   'What appointing do I have?'  Perhaps the answer is as close as the scenery in your everyday view.  That when you learn to truly live where you're living, your appreciation of the NOW catapults your appointing.  Yet there is a key to this sustained, expanded appointing; YOU MUST MAKE THE APPOINTMENT.

1.       Appointing (1:1) - Our appointing (sending, mission) is from God through the guidance of Jesus Christ.  His Lordship is not over you, but in you & through you.  He has a plan & direction for every position in your life.  Your position elevates as your perspective enhances.  When you appreciate the present, His Presence blossoms into the future with the aroma of confidence. 

2.       Appointment (1:15-16) - A time and place of encountering the Guide/Physician.  You can never get the solution without keeping the appointment.  Sometimes recycled, always reenergizing; it is the repeated points of realization that God chose you, called you, & revealed Himself to you ('in you') through His Son (if not already, then He certainly wants to do so).  This was/is done "so that I might/would proclaim Him"......(right where I'm at)?

The appointment is kept and the appointing pursued to keep us focused on:

·         Achievement (2:2c) - To accomplish something worthwhile in the eyes of God with eternal impact and legacy.  Don't just run in place, rather run the right race!

·         Freedom (2:4) - Christ Jesus is the only real load bearer, burden reliever, weight lifter, piggy backer, anti-acid provider in all creation (1Peter 5:7).  His ways are light  (Matthew 11:28-30) and well lit (not cloudy like the worldly view)!

·         Sustaining (2:5) - No matter what happens the Truth will remain; preserved for all generations.

·         Self-Importance (2:6) - 'God has no favorites.'  Every person has the utmost value potential, but an unredeemed coupon will never find its worth.  Importance to God is not based on possessions, positions or placements; it's based on application.  It's not external show but internal application that yields eternal reward!

·         Vessel (2:8) - It is 'God through us' that changes us and allows us to change the world.