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Hebrews 6:1a - "Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity"

“Moving on to Maturity with a Passion”

“You don’t get a well-fed Christian from serving fast food!” – Bill Hybels (Pastor of Willow Creek – one of the country’s largest and most successful churches). Today we often search for a “pop gospel.” We’re used to jingles, not hymns. We want stories and application, not biblical truth. We want instant gratification rather than waiting on God’s timing. We want Jesus to be our buddy rather than our Lord. In short…many are unprepared for a serious (and I might add, joyful) endeavor into the things of God. Practically, this is important because under great strain a weak rope will break. When the temptation is fierce the shallow believer is brought down. When the trials are overwhelming, the weak in faith crumble. When the questions are profound the weak are left without answers or find their faith shaking. The greatest reason for pursuing a mature and deep relationship with God is simple – He is great! His greatness cannot be enjoyed and grasped unless we spend much time with Him – in prayer, and in His Word. Trust me – God is worth the effort. It’s time for each of us to move on to maturity with a passion!

Hebrews 6:1a – What does it mean to “move on to maturity in Christ Jesus?”

Top Ten Reasons Christians Don’t Mature:

10. Faulty or incomplete dedication to the Lord, His will, or His Word Matthew 28:19-20
9. Poor devotional habits Mark 1:35
8. Poor self-discipline 1 Timothy 4:7-8
7. Failure to give priority of our time, energy, and attention to prayer Acts 6:4
6. Growing weary in well-doing; allowing Satan to distract us Galatians 6:9-10
5. Failure to engage in quality Christian fellowship regularly Hebrews 10:24-25
4. Failure to be content with where we are and with what we have in life Philippians 4:11-13
3. Failure to fix our eyes on things above instead of on things on earth Colossians 3:1-2
2. Failure to remember that to live is Christ, to die is gain Philippians 1:21
1. Failure to fear (respect) the Lord Proverbs 14:26

Ephesians 4:11:32 The Marks of a Maturing Christian

1. Maturing Christians are marked by a calm steadfastness
a. v. 14 They are steadfast in their doctrine
b. v. 15 They are steadfast in their development
c. v. 16 They are steadfast in their devotion
2. Maturing Christians are marked by clear separation
a. v. 17-19 They are separated from the works of darkness
b. v. 20-24 They are separated from a walk of darkness
3. Maturing Christians are marked by Christ-like standards
a. v. 25 They speak the truth to each other, in love
b. v. 26-27 They don’t let anger get the best of them
c. v. 29 They are humble in lifting others up – ALWAYS!
d. v. 31 They are not bitter at other Christians or their circumstances
e. v. 32 They are kind, compassionate, and very quick to forgive

Q: Which of the “top ten” reasons listed above is most troublesome for you? Why?
Q: What one thing will you commit to today to help you move on to maturity with a passion?
Q: What can this group do to hold you accountable to that commitment?

Bottom Line: High in the Alps is a monument raised in honor of a faithful guide who perished while ascending a peak to rescue a stranded tourist. Inscribed on that memorial stone are these words: HE DIED CLIMBING. A maturing, growing Christian should have that same kind of attitude, right up to the end of life. May God help us to live with that kind of intensity – moving on to maturity with a passion!
Phillipians 2:1-11